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  • FIXER CANARY ISLANDS-Production services in canary islands


  • FIXER CANARY ISLANDS-Production services in canary islands


    FixerCanaryIslands, is a experimented and trusted, film fixer & local production services company based in the Canary Islands since 2017. We have a extensive expérience in vidéo production for Film, TV production, Advertising, Photoshooting, Series, Making Off, Social red contents, Documentaries, Events, Interviews, News... 


    Running by Javier Navarro Escuela, native location manager & Pierre Félix, canarian résident fixer.


    Important !

    We own a anual beaches permits for last minute shooting in Tenerife, La Palma, El Hierro, y La Gomera islands.

    We can also fix Natural protected area permits in Lanzarote Island for last minute shooting

    English, Spanish, and French spoken


    Tenerife film commission associate

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  • FIXER CANARY ISLANDS-Production services in canary islands


  • FIXER CANARY ISLANDS-Production services in canary islands



    Local Executive production

    54 % canarian tax rebate consulting

    Budget Advisor

    Coordination & Production Management

    Fixer services

    Photo tour



    Location scouting

    Location management

    All public and private shooting permits & insurance

    Coast, National Park, Roads, Airports, Drones.

    Roads Blockers Services...

    Shooting insurances


    Cameras Equipment, Drones, Light & Grips, SFX, Pictures Vehicles and much more...


    All trusted international crew, Runner, Driver, Gaffer, Production Assistant, Glamour Team, Art & Props, Production Manager,Camera Assistant, Steadicam, Dit, Drones Pilots.....


    Specials & Vegetarian Catering, Production kit, Warehousing, Aiports facilities, All vehicles, All Props


    Models & Extras


  • FIXER CANARY ISLANDS-Production services in canary islands






    3000 hours

    The most daylight hours of anywhere else in Europe



    7493 sq.m

    Of a wide range of very different and amazing locations



    23 º Celsius

    Average year round

    One of the best weather in the world


    Tax Rebate

    54% *

    Tax rebate for foreign production from

    2 millions € budget (ask for conditions)





    0% *

    for foreign production from

    2 millions € budget

    (ask for conditions)


    Corporate taxe

    4% *

    for foreign production from

    2 millions € budget

    (ask for conditions)



    Film friendly

    100% Safe

    European islands

    easy to reach,

    with a wide range of accommodatiom


    EQ Rentals

    10 stars

    Quality Cameras, accesories, grip & lighting , truck and production kit rentals




    10 stars

    English spoken international production crew on site



    11 stars

    Fixercanaryislands crew Javier Navarro Escuela & Pierre Félix by worldfixer.com

  • FIXER CANARY ISLANDS-Production services in canary islands


    Pierre is also one of the guys working with us frequently. I know Pierre for many years, he is a very reliable professional

    Norbert Schilling / filmcanaryislands -SPAIN


    I have worked with Pierre 10 days ago for a shoot In Tenerife (photo + web film) for an Italian sunglasses brand. I have enjoyed working with Pierre. He is always ready to help and to find solutions. He keeps his calm and being French, is a good link to Spanish langage and to the Canaries Island. He makes his possible to keep the budget to its initial number.

    Alexandra Sieger/ Fort Lee- FRANCE


    Finding a fixer in the island of Tenerife for our shootings proved to be quite a challenge, but thanks to World Fixer platform I managed to find Pierre Felix right on time to avoid much bigger challenges. He proved to be the right choice and a perfect match. Pierre was our fixer in Tenerife and thanks to his coordination, experience and multicultural knowledge, our production there was a success. He managed to process a huge volume of information and to prepare the entire logistics in incredibly short time without a single error. He was very patient and understanding with us and with all our needs there, he adapted amazingly fast to all changes and responded to all challenges with top-notch professionalism and commitment for our project to succeed. I warmly recommend Pierre as a fixer for any kind of production in Canary Islands, he is a reliable partner. He did not only support us all the way, but I could also had the opportunity to learn new things about production from him.

    Georgia Mihalcea / Latino Paprika productions - ROMANIA


    I worked with Pierre, Javier and their team in December in Tenerife during 10 days. Pierre seems to really like his job and it's always a pleasure to work with people who are really involved. He is professional, efficient and it was great to work with him and his team. I would highly recommend to work with them.

    Céline CLaracq / Les Initiés -FRANCE


    I have worked with Pierre in Tenerife. It was a week shoot in November 2018. It was a reality TV show. I was happy with his work, he is PRO with years of experience. I can highly recommend him as a fixer.

    Jakub Diatlowicki/ Jake Vision - POLAND


    Mr Pierre Felix helped us out for about a week just recently in Gran Canaria with a Swedish reality TV production. His help was absolutely needed and he was very professional and easy to work with. Calm, responsive and very experienced and aware of the potential problems that can occur in these type of productions.

    Victoria Dale / Mastiff - SWEDEN


    Pierre was our production manager on a commercial shoot in the Canary Islands. He understood our needs very well, and was very thoughtful, punctual and overall just a pleasure to work with. We felt well taken care of for the duration of our project, largely thanks to Pierre!

    Reiko Yamamoto / Jet Set GO- USA


    Pierre was fantastic, every request was met with no problem, will take care of it. It was challenging conditions and the shoot went as smoothy as could be possible. Many thanks to him and his team.

    Eric Rasmussen / Rasmussen Production- USA


    We used Pierre for a 2 days shoot in Tenerife last month which was part of a BBC Northern Ireland documentary on TV personality Roy Walker. We found Pierre very easy to deal with, his communication and response times were excellent, great local knowledge and everything went very smoothly. We used his driving services too and that worked out really well for us. I would happily recommend his services for other productions.

    Mary Johnston / BBC - NORTHEN IRELAND


    We speak English-Spanish -French

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El Titular utiliza la información obtenida para obtener datos estadísticos, analizar tendencias, administrar el sitio, estudiar patrones de navegación y para recopilar información demográfica.
Exactitud y veracidad de los datos personales
Te comprometes a que los datos facilitados al Titular sean correctos, completos, exactos y vigentes, así como a mantenerlos debidamente actualizados.
Como Usuario del sitio Web eres el único responsable de la veracidad y corrección de los datos que remitas al sitio exonerando al Titular de cualquier responsabilidad al respecto.

Aceptación y consentimiento
Como Usuario del sitio Web declaras haber sido informado de las condiciones sobre protección de datos de carácter personal, aceptas y consientes el tratamiento de los mismos por parte de el Titular en la forma y para las finalidades indicadas en esta Política de Privacidad.
Para ejercitar tus derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación, portabilidad y oposición tienes que enviar un correo electrónico a contact@fixercanaryislands.com CORREO ELECTRÓNICO junto con la prueba válida en derecho como una fotocopia del D.N.I. o equivalente.
El ejercicio de tus derechos no incluye ningún dato que el Titular esté obligado a conservar con fines administrativos, legales o de seguridad.
Cambios en la Política de Privacidad
El Titular se reserva el derecho a modificar la presente Política de Privacidad para adaptarla a novedades legislativas o jurisprudenciales, así como a prácticas de la industria.
Estas políticas estarán vigentes hasta que sean modificadas por otras debidamente publicadas.